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Turn 2020 Into Your

Best Year Ever!

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3 Expert speakers with over 30 years of combined experience delivering this amazing event.

Peak Performance Coach to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and High Achievers

Personal Development Coach, Author Speaker, Dragon Slayer

Relationship Coach Author Speaker Meditation Teacher

Wednesday , August 26th

9am PST/11am CST/ 12pm EST/5pm BST

What You're Going To Learn

  • Julie Hruska - Now What? How to Recreate Your Life After Unexpected Events

  • Sam Morris - The 8 Actions That Will Raise Your Vibration and Slay Your Dragons

  • Eldin Hasa - Relationship Bliss. You will learn principles to experience honeymoon period every day for years to come and to thrive in your relationship. 






Frequently Asked Questions:


Q How will I attend this event?

A This event will be held using Zoom and the link will be provided by email within 24 hours from registering your place.


Q I’m still in the process of starting my business, can I still come?

A Of course! This will be perfect for new business owners. You’ll skip so much frustration by starting out right.


Q How much of this is about money and how much is about other topics?

A I would say 70% is about money and mindset… because those two are truly fused together. The other 30% revolves around building a powerful mindset and relationships.


Q Will this event help me with my intimate relationship?

A Yes, you will receive a lot of principles and proven methods that have helped thousands of people for over 10 years. 


Q Can this event help me if I am single and not in the relationship at present?

A Absolutely, you will receive a lot of principles and proven methods that have helped thousands of people for over 10 years and help you learn what to look for when you do find someone in the near future. 


Q What type of business is this for?

A This for all type of businesses. Online, offline and businesses that are offline that want to move toward online due to the current state of the world.


Q Will there be anything for sale during the Summit?

A There will be an offer to purchase the recordings for the event, a VIP Mastermind Group . Some of the speakers, alongside teaching, may also offer books or online courses to attendees to purchase.

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